IT Security

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IT Security

Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy services ranging from trouble-shooting problems resulting from virus attacks to auditing your IT infrastructure to identify security weaknesses. We help you formulate a security policy right for your business and help you understand risks and how these risks are best managed.

Anti-virus Solutions

Viruses are getting increasingly more sophisticated. We offer a a range of solutions to protect your business from threats from viruses.

DDOS Threats

We offer a number of novel solutions to enable you to identify, manage and counter DDOS threats.

Remote Access

We offer a range of solutions to facilitate secure remote access.

Solutions to Monitor and Manage Your IT Infrastructure

The key to achieving a secure IT infrastructure is to be in a position to monitor and manage activities of users within your organisation. We have a number of solutions to enable you to restrict and monitor user activities, identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities and help you take proactive action to counter threats.